What Is My Ubs Contract Number

On the General tab, enter your email address and/or mobile phone number, depending on whether you want to receive email or SMS notifications. If you enter the same number twice in a row, a letter appears instead of the numbers. Therefore, after entering the first number, wait about a second before entering the next number. Your contract number can be found on the welcome letter you have already received. If you can`t find or remember your contract number, you can contact digital banking support (available 24/7). If you are not sure if the activation was successful, you can check it in the Access app under “Settings ->Manage access permissions -> Registered contract number”. As usual, select “Enter payments > payment > payments” and enter the account number in the payment wizard. Select the payee – if you have already made a payment to the same payee – or click New Payment. Enter the missing information on the payment input mask and select the “Salary Payment” option (1) under “Display”. You will then need to approve the payment. The “Salary Payments” feature is available for all payment methods except “Orange Payment Slip” and “Account Transfer”.

For security reasons, your digital banking contract will be blocked if you enter an incorrect password several times. The same applies if you enter incorrect numbers/letters when confirming a beneficiary. Currently, we cannot offer you an online solution to the problem. 5. Enter the six-digit input number displayed on the login page in the card reader and press “OK”. For 084 numbers, you can be charged up to CHF 0.08 per minute. Launch the application and select “Manage settings > access permissions > contract number” Note: The Access application can only be used with an e-banking contract if all the accounts it contains meet the requirements for using the application. Please contact support for more information. 3. On the registration page, enter the contract number and click “Next”. If you encounter any problems, please check if the contract number is correct.

If you no longer know the ACCESS app PIN, click Forgot PIN on the sign-in page. This function can also be found under “Manage settings > PIN > contract number (select contract) > reset”. Please contact digital banking support by phone (available 24/7) to release the contract. The red number indicates the total number of messages, including bank statements, credit and debit notes, foreign exchange transaction statements, or messages about open electronic invoices and unfulfilled payments, for example. By clicking on the number, you get an overview of all the messages. The individual content of each message is accessible via the overview. When you leave the home page, you still have access to the number that represents your current news in the upper right corner of the screen. Would you like to order a digital banking contract to grant access to another user or to activate your contract for a third party? Contact E-Banking Support by phone (available at all times). The QR code scan should work perfectly once you have done so. All homepages are optimized for tablets. If you frequently use UBS e-banking with a tablet, we recommend the tile view. Note: For protection, you must activate the Access app with your Access card and card reader before using it for the first time.

Activation is not possible with the access key. If you don`t have a card reader, you can simply order one through the stand. Monday to Friday from 8:30 .m to 12:00.m from 13:30.m to 17:00.m. . Now select “Access app” as the connection method in UBS Connect and log in now with your smartphone. On the Virtual Wallets tab, you can choose to be notified when you reach the limits you set in your Virtual Wallets. You can also request notifications just before the maturity of bonds or derivatives. For each notification, you can decide whether you want to receive information via email or SMS, or both. If you want to be notified when a new issue receives the status “Open for subscription”, you can adjust the corresponding setting in the “New editions” tab.

Therefore, it is important to always keep the following security information handy: Once the subject of the message has been completed, for example by downloading a credit note or approving an electronic invoice, the corresponding message disappears automatically. You can click on certain messages yourself once you have read them. To approve payments, click the appropriate “Approve” or “Approve File” icon (1). In rare cases, your computer may not have loaded the sign-in page correctly or completely. The following steps may resolve the issue. For payments awaiting approval, see “Payments > payment > payments recorded >orders pending” and the payment files awaiting approval can be found in “Payments > Data Transfer > Submitted Payment Files”. Block your card at any time and for free in e-banking or mobile banking. In order for us to process your request as best as possible, please click on the desired topic. . If you lose your card reader or access key, please also contact support to order a replacement (for a fee). Tip: Save time when you call us by logging in through the Access app instead of the phone. .

The cost of a stock market order varies depending on the volume, trading platform and type of security. The minimum brokerage fee for a stock exchange order varies depending on the volume, trading platform and type of security. If scanning the QR code for login does not work, please proceed as follows: The challenge response authorization method is used to log in to UBS Online Services – UBS e-banking and UBS Mobile Banking. For each connection, a new access code is generated, which is only valid for a short period. Your access data is protected on your access card and cannot be accessed by third parties. The registration process is described in the following instructions: Log in to UBS Connect without a UBS card reader or access key To activate the Access app, please follow the instructions in the app. A personally selected PIN protects the Access app – even if you lose your smartphone The filters are now under the navigation entries in the left navigation menu (1). If only the navigation icons on the left side of the screen are visible, you can use (2) to display the full left navigation menu (including filters).

The requirements for using the Access app are as follows: We keep the Access app up to date to provide you with optimal protection at all times All requests to issue and redeem UBS investment funds on the primary market submitted up to 16 s.m the day before. . . .